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Three years on from  ‘Magnificent Creatures’ Gren Bartley releases “Quiet”,  a new download only album.

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Gren Bartley released his third album ‘Magnificent Creatures’ in September 2015 on Fellside Records. Gren toured the album in the UK’s major cities including London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sheffield & Bristol.

‘Magnificent Creatures’ is the follow-up to the successful ‘Winter Fires’ album and features a beautiful, symphonic sound. His style and flair (he is an expert fingerstyle guitarist) has put him at the top of his game and he is constantly gathering more fans and supporters along the way.

“A talented singer- songwriter, he blends both British and American folk influences and his beautiful finger picking guitar technique has been much praised “ – Darren Johnson – Bright Young Folk review

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Gren Bartley :  “enthralling, persuasive and masterly”  – fRoots Magazine

Magnificent Creatures (2015)



Tall Wooden Walls
Fair Share
Angels Fade
Of The Girl
Home Soon
Strange Times
This Changes Everything
Silent Hotel
Winter Fires (2013)


I Am Home
Porcelain Hand
Winter Fires
Wayward Stars / Kelefaba
Waters Run Dry
Between The Lines
Washed In Grey
The Sun Is On The Yardarm
Songs to Scythe Back the Overgrown (2012)




Leaving Our Mark
Time Is Nearly Over
Kings And Queens
Start Up Again
Can’t Finish What I Started
Sweet Traveller
Victims Of Time
A Descent
Four In The Morning
Slow Train
The Last Time I Saw Richard (Mitchell)
Holding Lilies
To The Coast